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The Sonshine Dance Troupe is a non-profit organization formed in 1992 to augment the Sonshine Performing Arts Academy’s performing companies and give more dancers the opportunity to develop their dance and performance talents in a positive, enriching environment.  Through the years, we have developed into a highly-sought-after group with our own unique philosophies and ever-expanding range of opportunities for dancers of all ages and ability levels. 

It is the eclectic nature of our group (in age, ability, personality, and background) and our loyal support of one another that set the Sonshine Dance Troupe apart from other performing and competing groups.  We celebrate both our unique differences and the commonality of a love for dancing and improving that brings us all together.

Our great work ethic, friendly professionalism, and superb technique win us honors and recognition at all the shows, workshops, and competitions in which we participate. The Troupe staff and dancers feel so blessed to be able to come together each year to celebrate the joy of dance, the love of learning, and the gift of friendship with each other and with our community.

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Arianna B, Hannah B, Kaiya B, Harper C, Sydney E,

Mary F, Belle G, Shaylie Mae H, Madison H,

Gianna H, Sara K, Eden K, Halle L,

Sophia L, Parker O, Hunter O, Kennedy O,

Rosellen P, Bella P, Quinn P, Reese P, Lily P,

Kate S, Izzy T, Tempe T, Delaney W,

Dylan W, and Sammy W. 

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